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Introduction of i-trading

Introduction of i-trading
  • Full set of technical indices
  • You can arrange the layout to your liking
  • You can submit orders from the chart screen
  • Offer latest news 24 hours on real-time basis
  • One click order using advanced quote.
  • Work space can be customized

System conditions

Currently i-trading system is running normally.

Recommended system environment

Platform: Windows
  • Above Windows 98 SE
  • Above Intel Pentium III Processor 600MHz
  • Above 256MB RAM
  • Above Java virtual machine, Version 1.4
    ※MacOS can be used for i-trading

Regarding Java Java(Sun) is used in i-trading.
If it is not built into your PC, please install from here.

Regarding PDF file Latest Adobe Reader is required for looking at PDF files.

Demonstration screen for i-trading

Demonstration screen for i-trading

Merit01Full set of technical indices

Full set of technical indices Not only Bollinger Band, RSI and MACD but about 20 types of technical indices are available.

Merit02You can arrange the layout to your liking

  • Normal DisplayNormal Display
  • Technical EmphasisTechnical Emphasis
  • Easy to useEasy to use

Merit03You can submit orders from the chart screen

You can submit orders from the chart screen It is possible to place limit orders by right clicking the technical point analysed by the customer. On   his own.

Merit04Latest news is provided 24 hours on real-time basis.

Latest news is provided 24 hours on real-time basis.You can view the “fx wave news” which is a real-time news distributed by   DZH Financial Research   Company. You can grasp not only the movements   in the foreign exchange market but other financial markets as well as the world affairs and economy.

Merit05One click order using advanced quote.

One click order using advanced quote.Right click the Advance   Quote and click Setting. Choose non-display for    the confirmation box in   the separate window and you can dispatch a new   market and settlement    order with one click. It is a very convenient function for frequent trades      such as day trading.

Merit06Workspace can be customized

Workspace can be customizedYou can create 5 screens of your choice on the work space such as a trading screen, a chart screen, an account summary screen etc. like above picture.

※Image in the i-trading manual is for FX but the content is the same for CFD trades.

Application for demonstration account

Demonstration trades are free.
You can experience virtual transactions using the system with the same environment       as the real market.
You can feel the CFD trade mechanisms, characteristics and merits before opening the account.

Opening of demonstration account.Application for opening demonstration account from here.
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Three points regarding demonstration trades

Point 1. Experience the fascination of CFD tradesYou can experience realistic trades as interest receipt and payment occur just like the real transactions.

Point 2. Feel i-tradingYou can experience virtual trading based on the actual CFD market using the trading   screen of i-trading.

Point 3. You can trade various products.In the spot CFD trades, there is interest receipt and payment just like the real trades. And in the Contract Month CFD trades, you can experience realistic trades with the      final trading day provided.

Registration method for demonstration trades

STEP 01Access the demonstration account
STEP 02Fill in the demonstration account form and receive ID and Password. (Please understand we may contact you for identification after the application)
STEP 03Input ID and Password on the log-in screen.
STEP 04Start demonstration trades. You can trade real-time foreign exchange rates.
Opening of demonstration account.Application for opening demonstration account from here.
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Smart Phone

It is possible to trade on the Smart Phone. Latest rates, account conditions and news   etc. can be checked on iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles. Please try.

Log-in screen for CFD. Login from here.

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