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Premier Course

Premier Course

Support of highest quality

CFD trades never sleep and the real-time information gathering and analysis of global scale become essential.
In our company, staffs with plenty of knowledge face the market  and constantly support the customers.
We provide various risk control measures, real-time information and services of highest quality to match the needs of each customer.


24 hours full support

You can check what’s happening in the markets with a single phone call. 

Type I and Type II Financial Instruments Business (Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (FIEA) Article 236),Commodity Futures Trading Dealers (OTC commodity derivative trading)
Member Associations:Japan Securities Dealers Association,Financial Futures Association of the Japan,Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Firms Association,Japan Commodity Futures Association,Japan Investor Protection Fund,


Requests for materials are accepted through telephone.