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CFD comfortable even for beginners

CFD comfortable even for beginners

Use your capital effectively.Try CFD trading by leveraging small capital.

You can use a margin to make a multiples investment just like FX.
Why not trade large amounts using leverage?
We provide constant support so that even beginners feel comfortable.

Service contents

We provide two courses. One for trading through telephone and another for internet trading.

  • We provide service for telephone trading (Premier Course).
  • We provide narrowest spread in the industry for internet trading.

Telephone trading

You can trade any time with
a single phone call Premier course Best quality service Value-addid support Check here for details

Internet trading

Narrowest spread
in the industryBest in the industry Spread (Spot gold) Free commission charge Check here for details

Guide to the final trading day of the CFD contract month

If the position is not settled by the closing time of the final trading day, the position will be automatically settled at the closing price of the final trading day.
Please be careful as you cannot make a new position on the final trading day and you can trade only to settle your position.

Latest trading day (As of Jun 14th, 2024)
Available products Contract month Last trading day
NY30 Stock Futures (DJ) Jun As of Jun 20th, 2024
SPX500 Stock Futures (SP) Jun As of Jun 20th, 2024
Emerging100 Stock Futures (ND) Jun As of Jun 20th, 2024
Nikkei225 Stock Futures (NK) Sep As of Sep 12th, 2024
Crude oil (CL) Jul As of Jun 18th, 2024

※You cannot make a new position on the last trading day. You can trade only to settle your position.
※You can start trading next month contract one week before the last trading day.

Important matters such as risk etc

Please read following important matters regarding our OTC securities CFD trading and OTC commodities CFD trading (we refer to them as these trading below).

  • These trading can be larger in amount than the deposited margin and there are risks to incur losses depending on the movements of the underlying assets of stock index futures and commodities etc. And these losses can exceed the amount of deposited margin.
  • There is a gap between the sell price and the buy price that we offer clients called spread.  This spread can change depending on the market environment.

Margin and Commission Fees

(OTC Securities CFD trading・OTC Commodities CFD trading)
Margin: Margin is set separately for each product and it fluctuates depending on leverage.
Commission Fees: In the case of Premier Course, the Commission fee is 6,000 yen each way per lot including consumption tax.
In the case of Internet Trading Course, the Commission fee is free but 1,000 yen will be charged if the client executes the trade through phone call due to his or her reasons.

These trading are not eligible for cooling off.
Please read carefully the Trading Manual and the Trading Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand the structures and the risks associated with the product before you start trading.

Type I and Type II Financial Instruments Business (Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (FIEA) Article 236),Commodity Futures Trading Dealers (OTC commodity derivative trading)
Member Associations:Japan Securities Dealers Association,Financial Futures Association of the Japan,Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Firms Association,Japan Commodity Futures Association,Japan Investor Protection Fund,


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