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Introduction to Internet Trading Course

Introduction to Internet Trading Course

Introduction to Internet Trading Course

CFD Internet Trading Course

Smallest spread in the industry

The spread for spot gold trades are 40 cents in our Commodities CFD Internet Trading Course and is the smallest spread in the domestic industry. The spread for other products are also lowest in the industry.

Spread(CFD Internet Trading Course)
Spot Gold(XAU/USD) 40Cent(4ticks)
Spot Silver(XAG/USD) 4Cent(4ticks)
Crude oil(CL) 5Cent(5ticks)
Wheat(W) 1.5Cent(6ticks)
Soybean(S) 1.5Cent(6ticks)
Corn(C) 1.5Cent(6ticks)
Copper(HG) 0.5ent(10ticks)

No commission fees

There is no commission fees in our CFD Internet Trading Course. Please trade in    more favorable conditions.

Equipped with trust custody

In our CFD trades, cash from customers are in custody of a trust account with Sumitomo Mitsui Bank. Only a few companies do so for CFD trades and our customers can trade with sense of security.Please click here for details.

Type I and Type II Financial Instruments Business (Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (FIEA) Article 236),Commodity Futures Trading Dealers (OTC commodity derivative trading)
Member Associations:Japan Securities Dealers Association,Financial Futures Association of the Japan,Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Firms Association,Japan Commodity Futures Association,Japan Investor Protection Fund,
Japan Cryptoasset Business Association member Membership number 1033


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