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(Securities CFD) Reference Rate・Open, High, Low and Close of the previous day

(Securities CFD) Reference Rate・Open, High, Low and Close of the previous day

Reference rate

Reference rates for securities CFD from here.


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Charts for securities CFD from here.

Reference rate Product

DJ NY30 Stock Futures
SP SPX500 Stock Futures
ND Emerging100 Stock Futures
HS Hong Kong 42 Stock Futures
NK Nikkei225 Stock Futures
FT UK100 Stock Futures

※Numbers after the alphabets indicate contract month.
(Example DJ0210⇒US NY30 Stock Index Future for February 2010)

Open, High, Low, and Close of previous day

2021/06/11 data
取扱商品 (Product) 始値 (Open) 高値 (High) 安値 (Low) 終値 (Close)
米国NY30 (DJ) 34461 34611 34310 34445
米国SPX500 (SP) 4239.00 4247.50 4230.75 4245.00
米国新興100 (ND) 13974.50 13997.25 13931.75 13993.25
香港42 (HS) 28744 28910 28654 28798
日本225 (NK) 28945 29040 28780 29005
英国100 (FT) 7081.0 7155.0 7074.0 7154.5

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