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2020.05.28 Fund

i Powerfund took first place in the Sharpe Ratio Ranking

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Various rankings for the Japanese public investment trust funds as of end of April 2020 have been uploaded on the web site of the Investment Trusts Association of Japan.
Prices of many investment trusts declined in late February 2020 due to the Corona Shock.

Under such market environment, i-Powerfund was ranked as number one among 5,797 funds for the Sharpe Ratio based on risk and return for the past 6 months.
As for the performance of past one year, i-Powerfund’s return was 3.46% with risk of 0.53% resulting in high Sharpe Ratio.

* Sharpe Ratio is a number to gauge the efficiency of an investment and it becomes larger when high return is achieved with low risk.

In addition, i-Powerfund received highest “5 star” rating for the quantitative evaluation by the Rating and Investment Information, Inc.
Please continue to keep an eye on i-Powerfund’s low risk high return strategy.

* The Investment Trusts Association of Japan is an independent party and it is not in their interest to recommend this fund.

The Investment Trusts Association of Japan [Japanese Page]

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