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2017.12.18 Caution

Regarding debit and credit over the New Year.

We thank you deeply for your patronage.

Due to closures of many financial institutions from Dec 30 (Sat) to Jan 3 (Wed), we will not be able to confirm credits for FX and CFD trades.

Please see below for details and call our sales people or free-dial 0120-849-188 if there are any ambiguities.


■Regarding credit.

Credit date

FX ・Commodities CFD・Securities CFD

Credit confirmation・Posted date

After 3PM on Dec 28 (Thu)

Until 3PM on Dec 29 (Fri)

Dec 29 (Fri)

After 3PM on Dec 29 (Fri)

Until 3PM on Jan 4 (Thu)

Jan 4 (Thu)

※ If you want credits to be posted between after 3PM on Dec 29 (Fri) and Jan 3 (Wed), please fax copies of ATM bank transfer details or copies of screen shots showing irreversible record of internet-banking transfer.

※ Our company is closed on Dec 30 (Sat), Dec 31 (Sun) and Jan 1 (Mon). Please be advised that we are unable to process credits on these days.

Our fax number:03-3568-5099


■Regarding debits

Application day

FX・Commodities CFD・Securities CFD

Transfer date

After 1PM on Dec 26 (Tue)

Until 1PM on Dec 27 (Wed)

Dec 28 (Thu)

After 1PM on Dec 27 (Wed)

Until 1PM on Dec 28 (Thu)

Dec 29 (Fri)

After 1PM on Dec 28 (Thu)

Until 1PM on Dec 29 (Fri)

Jan 4 (Thu)

After 1PM on Dec 29 (Fri)

Until 1PM on Jan 4 (Thu)

Jan 5 (Fri)


【 Important 】


Market liquidity falls over the New Year holidays making spreads wider and slippages to occur when prices move abruptly.

Please be advised that your trading positions may be closed due to breaching loss-cut levels depending on the market and your account conditions over the New Year holidays.

Please keep enough cash in your account with considerations to the New Year market conditions and banking business days before the New Year holidays.


Please contact free-dial 0120-849-188 or info@isec.jp for this matter.

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