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Welcome to the FX world of high potentials.


Foreign exchange rate is said to indicate the total
strength of a country. It reflects many elements such as economies, prices,
interest rates and policies.
Holding assets just in yen increases the risk in the
globalized world.
Let’s look into the future and diversify your assets
effectively through FX Trading.

Important matters regarding risk etc

Please read following important matters regarding our OTC FX Trading
(we refer to them as these Trading below).

  • These Trading can be larger in amount than the deposited margin and there are risks to incur losses depending on the movements of the underlying assets of foreign exchange.
    And these losses can exceed the amount of deposited margin.
  • There is a gap between the sell price and the buy price that we offer clients called spread.
    This spread can change depending on the market environment.

Please understand the risks associated with these trading and execute transactions under your own responsibilities.

Margin and Commission Fees

(OTC foreign exchange margin trading)
Margin:Daily margin requirement is set by multiplying 4% to the notional principal calculated from the previous day’s closing price of the interbank foreign exchange markets. But we may change the margin requirement when we judge the change is necessary.
Commission Fees:In the case of Premier Course, the commission fees are as follow.
6,000 yen each way for notional amount of 100,000 units of currency.
5,000 yen each way for notional amount of 200,000 units of currency.
4,000 yen each way for notional amount of 300,000 units of currency.
3,000 yen each way for notional amount of 500,000 units of currency.
2,500 yen each way for notional amount of 1,000,000 units of currency.
As for the intra-day trading, the transaction fee for closing the trade is free.
In the case of Internet Trading Course, the commission fees are as follow.
300 yen each way for notional amount of 10,000 units of currency.
But an additional 1,000 yen per notional amount of 10,000 will be charged if the client executes the trade through phone call due to his or her reasons.

These Trading are not eligible for cooling off.Please read carefully the Trading Manual and the Trading Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand the structures and the risks associated with the product before you start trading.

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