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Superfund was created by Christian Baha in 1995.
Superfund’s successful investment strategy is attributable to research and development of technical trading system.
Its main investment philosophy is to eliminate fundamental information and make investments according to the precise rules based on prices and market data.
It is necessary to place utmost importance to excellent trading system and automation of data analysis and risk control in order to aim for stable profit regardless of the market conditions.
As the result Superfund has become one of the major high technology companies in the world.

Awards received.(Superfund Japan Official Site) Awards received.(Superfund Japan Official Site)

Investment Philosophy

Proven from 1996 Ever since its first fund in 1996, Superfund has adopted original automated trading system.
The main part of its investment strategy is complete adherence to defined rules based on technical analysis. In order to aim for stable profits regardless of market environments, it is necessary to give top priority to automation of the trading system, data analysis and risk control.

The three origins of the Superfund’s investment philosophy are as follow.
  • Systematic investment strategySystematic investment strategy
  • Wide range of diversified investmentWide range of diversified investment
  • Rigid risk managementRigid risk management

The funds offered by Superfund have low correlations with stocks, bonds and hedge funds having the effect of portfolio diversification and the potential to achieve long term returns with relatively low risk regardless of the market environment.
Investment judgements are made instantly by the system based on pre-defined rules and human emotions are eliminated from the investment process.

Examples of investment media

The trading system of Superfund is finding various investment profit opportunities in the financial and commodity futures markets.
Diversification of the investment media also works as hedge against market risks.

Investment profit opportunities Examples Investment profit opportunities Examples
Stock index DAX, Dow Jones, CAC40,
Hang Seng, S&P500,
Metals Gold, Platinum, Aluminum,
Silver, Bronze, Zinc, Nickel
Bonds Treasury bonds, 10 year treasury bonds, Gilts, JGB,
Australian government bonds
Energy Crude oil, Kerosene, Natural gas, Gasoline, Brent crude
Currency Euro, US dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen,
Australian Dollar
Agricultural products Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Cocoa, Beef, Pork
Interest rates 3 month EURIBOR,
3 month Euro Dollar,
British pound short term interest rate,
Euro Yen, 3 month Euro Swiss
Grain Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Cereal, Oat

Investment ratio of each market is continuously adjusted depending on the market conditions.

Investment strategy and characteristics of various superfunds

Adopting investment methods with historyThere are currently three independent and distinct strategies in superfund.
These strategies have been used by the professionals in the financial markets and institutional investors for a long time.
Superfund became a pioneer in fully automating these strategies and providing individual investors with these new strategic products.

Superfund Green Strategies

Managed Futures

futures strategySuperfund Green adopts managed futures strategy aiming to generate profits from both rising and falling markets.
Superfund Green strategy is driven by a fully automated original trading system supported by four basic policies of diversification, technical analysis, trend following and risk management.
Superfund Green makes investments in about 150 financial futures markets around the world and its portfolios have very low long term correlation with stock or bond markets and hedge funds offering diversification effects.

There are three sub-funds (A,B,C) adopting the superfund Green strategy with different risk return characteristics and minimum investment amount.

  • Characteristic1

    Proven strategy to produce excellent performance

  • Characteristic2

    Investment targets are about 150 financial and commodities futures markets covering stocks, bonds, currencies, money markets and commodities etc.

  • Characteristic3

    Objective: Adapt to both rising and falling markets to generate returns regardlessof the market conditions.

  • Characteristic4

    Portfolio’s air bag function is its low correlation with stock and bond markets.

Superfund Red Strategy

Short Term Trend Managed Futures

New investment strategy is needed to cope with recent market environments.
Markets have begun to show very short term trends due to rising correlation between political events and central bank monetary policies.
Trading system for Superfund Red Strategy is developed for utilizing short term trends separate from medium term trends with the current market environments in mind.
Superfund Red Strategy is comprised of many short term trading systems and it targets about 60 futures and foreign exchange markets around the world.
These markets show low correlation and offer opportunities to make profits from at least some of the multiple short term positions taken.

  • Features1

    Select different trading systems and minimize correlation with other superfund strategies and various world markets.

  • Characteristic2

    Objective: Enhancement of long term risk return characteristics with relatively low volatility.

  • Characteristic3

    Possibilities of making returns from many trades. Financial and commodity Futures markets with high liquidity.

  • Characteristic4

    Broad investment diversification and strict risk control. Take many small positions.


Track record of Superfund

Superfund Japan

Important noticeTrack record is shown net of indirect expenses (excludes application fee and tax).
Past performance does not guaranty future performances.
Financial products carry the risk of losses and losing all investment money due to fluctuating prices.
Fees and risks are different for each product. Please read carefully the prior contract documentations and prospectus.

Outline of the Agency Association member

Company name
Superfund Japan Co., Ltd.
Financial Instruments Business (Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (FIEA) Article 98)
Location of Head Office
Imperial Hotel Tower 10th Floor
1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho Chiyoda Ward Tokyo
Association member
Japan Securities Dealers Association, Investor Protection Fund
Main business
Financial Instruments Business
275 million yen (As of March end 2016)
November 2005

Type I and Type II Financial Instruments Business (Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (FIEA) Article 236),Commodity Futures Trading Dealers (OTC commodity derivative trading)
Member Associations:Japan Securities Dealers Association,Financial Futures Association of the Japan,Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Firms Association,Japan Commodity Futures Association,Japan Investor Protection Fund,
Japan Cryptoasset Business Association member Membership number 1033


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