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Regarding notification of My Number

Regarding notification of My Number

Regarding My Number system

My Number is a number given to each owner of the resident card. This number is used for managing information effectively in the areas of social security, tax and measures to deal with natural disasters. And it is also used to confirm personal information kept in various administrative agencies belong to the same person.
Corporate Number is given to corporates.

  • My Number consists of 12 digits and is given to everybody with resident card.
  • Corporate Number consists of 13 digits and is given to each corporation.

It is necessary to notify your My Number
to the securities company

We submit statutory reports for each customer account to the tax office. These reports include tax calculation and payment as well as various payment records designated by the law. These statutory reports require each customer’s My Number to be written and it is necessary for you to notify us your number.
Notification of My Number is required to open a new account.
As for the existing customers already trading, My Number must be notified before the end of 2018.

For customers already trading, My Number must be notified by the end of 2018.
※Please see here for My Number, social securities and tax number system.
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Submission of My Number.

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